Welcome to Kors Events, Inc.

At Kors Events, Inc., we aim to deliver great results for everyone within the business ecosystem. This means that we deliver tangible growth for every brand we work with – whether it’s in personal care, health, entertainment, or the food industry – while providing every consumer with an outstanding brand experience. What’s more, we offer every member of our team the opportunities they need for a dream career. As we focus on satisfying everyone who comes into contact with our business, we consistently achieve incredible results in everything that we do.

Superior Consumer Experience

We focus on giving your consumers great value on products they really want. We work with your brand to determine how best to use promotional prices to position them in the market.

Determined to Grow

Our equal focus on satisfying every person who comes into contact with Kors Events, Inc. means that we are constantly growing and expanding. We are looking to the future, and hope to meet or beat the growth targets that we have set for the coming years. As such, we need an immediate supply of new recruits to join our business and help us to achieve our expansion goals.

Representing Diversity

We have diverse client experience; working with clients from industries such as cleaning products, music technology, cooking and food products as well as health and personal care.

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